Jason Wilson, is a British record producer / engineer / mixer.

Currently working at Universal Audio providing technical expertise to support their products.

Mixing and mastering is available, but he is not taking on additional production and recording projects at this time.

Someone once asked me why I don’t take shortcuts to deliver projects quickly.

My response was simple; "I don’t sacrifice quality”.

I have been recognised for my production and engineering work across a broad range of musical genres from rock to classical and everything in between. As well as my commercial music credits, I have been recognised for my broadcasting, recording, mixing & mastering work for music & dialogue on TV, film, education, and computer games.

I believe that to offer an incredible service, you must deliver a project that you are proud of, and by having this ethos, and keeping the high standard I set myself, it has kept me fully booked for the last 20 years! I ‘produce’ in the true sense of the word, involving myself in song structure, parts, sounds and suggestions, as well as pushing for the best possible performances and unique sounds true to the bands’ vision – I don’t just hit ‘record’.

Stakeout Studios History – Where it all began

​ As well as a producer, Jason is a renowned session drummer, and has played drums for numerous artists including Reuben, Sophie Lloyd,  Marisa And The Moths, Far Suns Fall, Joski, Kings Union and many more. ​

Being classically trained to play multiple instruments as a child, including drums, bass, guitar, piano, and cello really helped amplified his desire to make good music. ​

Inspired by the success of the demos he created for the renowned UK rock band Reuben in his parents’ shed as a teen, Jason was determined to make producing music his full-time career. With a modest collection of equipment, Jason founded Stakeout Studios in 2003. This was initially based in a tractor garage on a chicken farm in Chobham, Surrey, where Jason recorded Reuben’s debut album ‘Racecar is Racecar Backwards’ which was released to critical acclaim. A year later Jason relocated the Studios to a much larger premises on Platts Eyot, Hampton, London.  


Jason closed Stakeout Studios in 2021 to pursue an incredible opportunity to  work for Universal Audio, providing technical expertise to support their products. 

Jason has worked in many studios around the globe, including Karma Sound, Thailand and Radio Krakow, Poland.

He has many musical accolades including being credited on two gold records, a top 10 album (UK), and recording a 60 piece orchestra with two opera singers.


Some examples of bands and artists Jason is proud to have worked with include: Fightstar, Reuben, As it is, Blitz Kids, You Me At Six, We Are The Ocean, Dinosaur Pile-up, Patrons, Marisa And The Moths, Sophie Lloyd, Bellevue Days, Don Broco, Senser, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cars on Fire, Blakfish, Charlie Simpson, The Stanley Blacks, Fisherman's Friends, Bellowhead, Winterfalle and Tellison.​ Other personal favourites of Jasons work credits belongs to the Channel 4 documentary film 9/11 A Fireman's Story, The BBC series 'Baker Boys', The Lionheart Tales, The Minnits (game).

Google Review: “Fantastic studio and friendly/professional producer. We used Jason to record our 9-piece cover band with horns and 2 singers. Jason is extremely patient and gets the best out of each musician whilst always keeping a good vibe in the studio environment. If you want a high-quality polished recording, he is your guy, I can’t recommend Jason and Stakeout Studios highly enough”



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